Children’s Intensive Services (CIS)

Children’s Intensive Services

CIS provides intensive short-term therapeutic and supportive services to children and adolescents, many of whom have recently been hospitalized or are at risk of repeating hospitalization. When a home environment becomes unstable, CIS provides a family-based approach to crisis resolution. The service is designed to defuse the current crisis, evaluate its nature, stabilize the home, and prevent out-of-home placement. CIS helps preserve the family and reduce the likelihood of a recurrence. Using a team approach, CIS is designed to address identified needs of the child/youth that have severe behavioral and/or emotional problems. Families have access to interventions through crisis response 24 hours a day and 7 days per week by their CIS team.

The CIS program provides short-term (four to twelve weeks) intensive home-based services to families with one or more children who are at imminent risk of being removed from their family and put into out-of-home placement. CIS is offered on a voluntary basis to these select families, and the family must agree to the terms of the service. CIS is provided in the child/youth’s primary language. CIS addresses the immediate needs of the family to prevent placement. Families are then referred to community resources and mental health programs as needed for ongoing and longer-term services.

Services Provided:

  • Behavioral Skills
  • Parent Education
  • Family Therapy
  • Building Communication Skills
  • Connecting to Resources
  • Mutually Developed Goals

What Families Learn

  • Crisis-Resolution—CIS assists the entire family in crisis resolution through individualized services developed in partnership with the family.
  • Establishing Home Stability—CIS strives to keep the family intact by providing home-based behavioral support.
  • Coping and Social Skills—CIS provides self-help and living skills to the child while providing parenting skills to help family members cope with the child/youth’s disorder.
  • Providing Support—CIS monitors effectiveness of interventions and progress while ensuring connections to needed community resources for food, utilities, housing, clothing, and other needs.

CIS is not a stand-alone service. It is used to support an ongoing primary mental health service such as mental health therapy or case management.

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